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  1. Stina, I don’t have Instagram. Crazy, right? But I saw the article about your loss of followers due to your new photos of your real –not so glamorous– life. I just wanted to say that I admire your honesty, and if I had Instagram, I’d be a follower NOW, because I fully validate and appreciate your authenticity. Your glamour/model photos are gorgeous, but they don’t represent who you really are, they represent your outer shell. I’m intrigued by genuine people, not images of people. So thank you for making a difference on social media, and I applaud you!!


    1. I would like to say You are Beautiful! Beauty is real-true-earnest not the fake mask put on us by society, friends, family, or even our own misconstrued twist. Your face is soft and delicate, your ankles come from working, and them toes just need some TLC.


  2. Read your story from yahoo news
    Your At your best just being you
    That caught my interest your real beauty has come out and I’m in love with it

    Timothy Smith
    From Las Vegas Nv

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  3. Well this is the first time for me to ever give a model my thumbs up about the pictures they posted. I don’t have Instagram and im rarely on FB just because the reasons you wrote down. But when I saw this news article about you breaking the “spell” I realy felt like I needed to give my thumbs up.

    And everyone who just followed you for those modelling pictures. Screw them and let them buy magazines for that. In my opinion your real life pictures are way more interesting and fascinating 🙂

    Keep it up!! And if I ever get Instagram I will start following you to show my support!

    Greetings from the Netherlands


  4. I’m not a guy among your followers, i don’t know you, i just read an article about you and i’m very pleased to see your honesty. It’s so rare. Just Bravo and “chapeau”.


  5. I don’t have an Instagram account. I’m a middle aged male who spends his days immersed in work. I stumbled upon an article about you on Huffington Post. You give me faith that this generation will see beyond the shallow digital veneer that is social media and begin to live fruitful real lives. Keep doing what you’re doing. Real beauty comes from who you really are. Congratulations on your success!


  6. hi stinna i enjoy ur work. I do this mssge to you becos u inspiar me to be the a better man to my gurl. thx for ur help u make me reeliza ef u r a rly guy to ur bae u gt the time u gt it bak x100 cos 1 shaer = 1 care! 🙂 🙂


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