Hi I’m Stina! 

I’m a model and writer currently living in London. 

 I love writing about things that people wish they could say in public, but don’t, because they’d probably be socially excluded! 

So I’m forever taking one for the team 😉

Follow my adventures and my review on life….

Any questions – please give me a ping! X 


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Stina, just recently heard about you, (I don’t do social media) but what an impact! Good for you for being real! Being YOU! We all do these things to look certain way, but goodness forbid you actually day so. And we deal with stress and anxiety! Saw on Huff post that you lost some followers. …good. those who stick with you are the ones worth it. Keep it up! Love what you are promoting.
    Love from Denver CO!


  2. Hi Stina,
    just read about you and your social media experiment, I love it! You’re amazing, someone is finally keeping it REAL and showing women all around the world that no one is perfect. In a world where there is so much pressure to look “ideal”, it’s really encouraging and inspiring that a public persona can stand up and show the media their middle finger! As a sufferer of anxiety myself, kudos for coming out publicly, I know how much stigma surrounds mental health and it’s about time people started treating it like they do a common cold, after all, it’s just as common. Rock ON girl, you are a star in your own right!


  3. At first I have to apologize for my bad English, but I am busy at the moment. So I have no time to think about the correct grammar or words. So far.

    Dear Stina,
    I do not know anything about you and I am not interested in social-media, but I saw an article which reported about your “real” photos on instagram.
    I only have to say: Pefect! I do not comment many things, but your move is really good and I think this will really help many women´s to feel better. I have many female friends who are under such a pressure to be perfect.

    Many thanks for your real life photos.

    Stefan from cologne.

    If you will visit cologne in the next weeks, I would invite you to a mulled wine at a christmas market.
    Your move must be honoured.


  4. Hi, I was listening to Jeremy Vine a wee while ago and thought “what a cracking girl”. I apologise, but I had not heard of you until now, but, you spoke with wisdom above your years and above all, common sense.Brilliant, well done.


  5. hi stinna i enjoy ur work. I do this mssge to you becos u inspiar me to be the a better man to my gurl. thx for ur help u make me reeliza ef u r a rly guy to ur bae u gt the time u gt it bak x100 cos 1 shaer = 1 care! 🙂 🙂


  6. Stina,

    I just came across an article of yours on Flipboard about an abusive relationship that you were in. I am currently going through something extremely similar. I’d love to talk to you as I finally feel that I found somebody who understands.


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