The Hypocrisy Of Shaming America’s First Lady

“Melania, Blink Twice If You Need Help” was just one of the signs I saw at the Women’s March on Saturday. Sure it was funny. But then I went on my Facebook feed and I saw memes mocking Melania for either her outfit choice at the inauguration or her accent. In fact I saw more memes about Melania’s appearance than I did of Trump’s sexist/racist words.

Some of you may be thinking that Melania deserves all the stick she can get for standing by a man like Trump. And I agree that Trump should be judged for the things he has said. Some of his words (and tweets) have been incredibly offensive, but this doesn’t mean that  Melania should be judged by her accent. Nor should she be judged for her appearance or her choice in husband. Of course, if Melania started to tweet racist abuse tomorrow, then as of that moment, she does deserve to be judged.  Just like Trump has been judged for his foul-mouthed rants.

So what if Melania posed naked? So what if her accent is Eastern European? What does it matter if her face permanently ‘looks like she’s trying to understand a joke she’s just heard’?

Saturday’s march was to highlight the lack of equality in the world. It was to shout out about racism, the pay gap, affordable health care, abortion rights and those who live in countries where rape is ignored. To those who are quick to bully Melania during this unsteady time, why not ask yourself this: ‘Am I helping the situation? Will my targeted abuse or jokes about Melania help to get my point across and actually make things change?’

I personally believe you can be anti-Trump without shaming the First Lady. After all, racism is racism. Sexism is sexism. Misogyny is misogyny. 

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