Please don’t ever dirty your knee to propose to me!

Not sure about you but I’ve just about managed to rinse my eyes out from all the engagement statuses and photos that popped up on my Facebook feed over Christmas. But brace yourselves. We have Valentine’s Day coming up. So make sure you load up on so more eye drops!

Yes, non-original proposals are very annoying but then again, so are creative proposals. You know the ones! The engagements which are so Disney, you wonder if the couple have a Mickey Mouse fetish. If you’re still wondering what I’m on about, then let me set your imagination to flash mob proposals and rings hidden inside cupcakes and flutes of champagne.  *voms into a bucket* 

In fact, I’ve just finished watching a “Disney” YouTube video of a guy rapping a personalised proposal to his girlfriend. I’m sure some of you may think it’s very sweet but being the cynic that I am, I can’t help but think did the guy go to all the effort of perfecting his lines just so he could show off his video to his mates down the pub? Is this guy sure he wants a wife or does he just want to be on the front page of Buzzfeed? 

I’m actually not heartless or bitter. (I promise!) I think it’s lovely when two people make it very obvious to the world that they actually want to take their relationship to the next level and get married. Even though there’s a high chance it’ll end in divorce. Sorry I’m being very cynical today. *cough* prenup *cough*
Joking aside, my favourite proposal story is my mum and Dad’s, who are sadly no longer together, but it’s a story which is so wrong it’s perfect! Apparently whilst mid-argument, my dad just popped the question. He had already brought the ring and had planned to ask my mum to marry him, but not in that particular moment. I think he asked her just to shut her up. But that’s what I love about their proposal. It’s real!

The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I overheard two guys last week discussing how they would propose to their girlfriends. It was like a contest of who could be more romantic. What I don’t understand is why so many people put pressure on themselves to make their engagement special. What’s wrong with proposing when you’re both sat next to each other stuck in traffic on the M5? What’s wrong with proposing on a Sunday morning whilst having a cup of tea in bed? What’s wrong with just saying “hey I like you. Let’s get married”? 

To me, that’s way more romantic than my other half getting his knee dirty surrounded by a room full of roses. 

Maybe I need to be more open to this magical world of romance. However the thought of an intense proposal terrifies me. And just in case anyone is wondering about proposing to me soon, please can you keep the following in mind: 

Don’t hide my ring in a glass of wine or cake. Chances are I will down the wine and eat the cake without realising I’ve swallowed the diamond.
Don’t sing to me. Dance or book a hotel room covered with roses. 

Don’t propose to me in front of people because I will say ‘no’ just for lols! 

Don’t get on your knee. The only time I expect you get down on your knees is when……you get the picture! 

One thought

  1. Absolutely agree with everything you’ve said! When i planned on proposing to my other half, i spent weeks sweating on trying to come up with the most romantic, over the top gesture. In the end, I waited up all night for her to come back from a night shift and caught her off guard while she was changing into her pyjamas! Granted it wasn’t romantic…. But it felt right? And most importantly, she said yes!


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