Reflecting on 2016

I say this every year – but I cannot believe it’s the end of this year!!!

2016 got a bad reputation the minute David Bowie left the planet. Then more icons started to leave. Then Brexit and Trump happened and everyone had a melt down; but I’ve actually loved this year! 

A journalist emailed me yesterday asking what I’d like to leave behind whilst moving into 2017. And I honestly struggled to answer the question. I finally came up with ‘anxiety’ as I’d love for that to not be part of my DNA anymore but even my mental wellbeing has improved this year. 

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and have pushed through challenges I never thought I’d have to face. But I did it. I got through it and I’m feeling good! 

2016 was the year I did things my way! For the first time I felt I actually became a woman (lol).  I visited countries that I’ve been dying to go to for years and i said “fuck off” a lot more. In fact that’s my advice to all of you. Just do the things you want to do and if anyone questions that, just tell them where to stick it. 

This year I made lots of new friends and even rekindled old friendships. I’ve read more books than I probably did at uni and I’ve become grateful for those around me. Those who love and support me. I think I used to take that for granted but this year, was the year I did a kylie Jenner and “realised things”. 
2016 was the year I listened to my gut and jumped on opportunities that so many people told me wouldn’t work; but they did. 

So anyway before I bore you – 2016 has been great! I’m not doing any new year resolutions because I don’t believe in them. If you have a bad habit which isn’t affecting you or anyone, then why stop? We all need a vice because without it we’d all go insane. 

This blog doesn’t really have a beginning, middle or ending so sorry if I wasted your time reading this. I’m just sat having my hair done and couldn’t help but reflect on this year and wanted to make a note of that. To remind myself that sometimes everything can go your way and other times, they may not.

It has made me laugh how everyone has branded this year as the worst in history because I’m pretty sure there have been worse…

Regardless of the year, time or season – you should be grateful for what you have. Because someone out there has it a lot worse than you! 

Happy New Year! X 

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