Madonna is right: There are rules if you’re a girl!

We all know that society’s expectations of women are changing – but unfortunately not as fast as it should be!

This came clear to me once again whilst I watched Madonna’s Billboard speech this morning. As she accepted her award, she stood in front of her audience and spoke with conviction on just how hard it is to be a woman.

Everything she said I sat there and nodded along – like one of those irritating Churchill Insurance toy dogs that you see in the back of old people’s cars. 

She announced that there are no rules if you’re a boy, but only if you are a girl. And she’s bloody right!

She continued to describe these rules, which are as follows: 

“If you’re a girl, you have to play the game. You’re allowed to be pretty and cute and sexy. But don’t act too smart. Don’t have an opinion that’s out of line with the status quo. You are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut, but don’t own your sluttiness. And do not, I repeat do not, share your own sexual fantasies with the world. Be what men want you to be, but more importantly, be what women feel comfortable with you being around other men. And finally, do not age. Because to age is a sin. You will be criticised and vilified and definitely not played on the radio.”

Yup! Every single sentence in that speech is sadly true. As a woman, I regularly speak out about my opinions and probably 45% of the time (depending on how controversial I am being) I get shot down. Mainly by men!

If I pose in my underwear on my instagram. I get called a slut – or at least someone makes a rude comment about my body. 

If I discuss sex, which is something I love to do (publicly) this is also frowned upon.

It’s not just men who have an issue; it’s girls too. There are women who aren’t confident enough to embrace their sexuality, so in turn, make it their mission to slam others down, especially women who do accept themselves.

As a retired model, I can tell you now that posting photos of myself in lingerie is empowering. Not only am I showing you how bloody good I think I look. I’m also saying a Big “F you” to all those who like to label me stereotypes like the following:

Not intelligent/ A slut/attention-seeking whore!

I believe strongly that I am neither of those things. I am simply a woman who is fit, healthy and bloody sexual inside and out. Take that as you will! Just because society says women should be classy and not outspoken or eccentric, does not mean you should abide by those rules!

Be your own person.

If you don’t want to get your body out or express your opinions, then don’t. The same goes for if you do want to flaunt ‘what your mama gave you’ or speak out about something that you’re passionate about. Then do. Don’t let people bully you to get back in your box.

Keep springing out of your box like a Jack In The Box – and if you can, throw on some killer heels, red lippy and a cracking bra!

Rant over. 😉 




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