Men Need Help To Track The Clitoris, Not Our Periods.

There’s a new app which allows men to navigate and track when their girlfriend and female colleague’s are on their period. 

The aim of the app is to help men avoid women, whilst they are on their time of the month. 


The process is very simple and it’s quite scary that an app is even needed for something like this. But basically men type in when their female companion’s period has started, which then allows the app to work out her cycle. Genius. I’m being very sarcastic here.

The app bio promises that all men will “thank them later” and it also gives out some cracking sound advice, like “don’t make her sneeze”. 

Um, ok?!

The app also has a mood tracker which tells men how likely it is, that the girl will give them “grief” or will be emotional. WTF. I don’t need hormones to give people grief, I just need to read about this sexism and I’m off on one!

I also don’t need my period to have a good cry. I get emosh at a Buy 1 get Half price deal. 

What I don’t undersrand is why anyone thought this app was a good idea? Surely, it would have been better (and more helpful) to create an app which actually helps men to track the Clitoris?

Because believe me, there is definitely a high demand for something like this. 

Kind Regards,

All the women in the world. 

One thought on “Men Need Help To Track The Clitoris, Not Our Periods.

  1. Ridiculous idea. Maybe you should make an app that detects if a man is using an app like this, and therefore women can avoid that kind grief. Nice blog stina, I like your style. Cheers


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