Sorry, not sorry!

Beyoncé and Lena Dunham are just two of the many people who are trying to get us girls to stop saying sorry. 

Why? I hear you ask. Because saying sorry is apparently a sign of weakness. 

Well, I’m sorry, not sorry. But I love apologising!

Firstly, I’m British. I’ll say sorry even when you buy me a birthday present. Secondly, saying sorry is a powerful word, and it should be said when ever it’s needed.

Uttering the five letter word can be life-changing and relationship-making. It can end arguments and build bridges. And I’m sorry Elton John, it’s not even that hard to say!

Saying sorry isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

The S-word allows us to prove to others that we want to take responsibility for when we’ve fucked up. Of course, saying sorry doesn’t work in all cases; “Sorry I’m a murderer/Sorry I slept with your husband/Sorry I’m firing you”.  But in most situations, you can never say sorry enough. Especially when you’ve caused the issue. 

Apologising is a mark of consideration for people’s feelings and being aware of the implications our actions can have on others. Perhaps women shouldn’t be bullied into saying it less, maybe men need to say it more! 

2 thoughts on “Sorry, not sorry!

  1. This is my FAVORITE post ever! I was born in england and I now live in the states and I am always told to “stop saying sorry” people just don’t get that it’s a british thing, I was born saying sorry, somebody else could hit me with their car and I would still apologize for getting in their way! Thanks for writing this lovely!


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