I don’t want to see your penis!

I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to see your penis!

If you think this is an original way to break the ice, you’d be wrong. I receive erect penis images at least three times a week. Yes you read that correctly. At least three times a week, I receive an unwanted dick pic. 

Whether that’s on Tinder (not that I use that anymore), snapchat, instagram, Facebook or email – I am sent men’s ‘pride and joys’ regularly. And before you ask; no I have never asked to see a man’s penis, except for the man I am dating. 

It’s not that I don’t like your penis, it’s just I don’t want to see your sausage-like feature, when I least expect it. No woman deserves to be sent an image that they have not asked for. You may be pleased with how your piece looks, but I don’t think there’s anything to be proud about, especially when your penis looks like you left it in the bathtub for too long. #Raisin.

You wouldn’t get your penis out in public (although if you do please seek help) so why send me a photo? Flashing someone  is harassment and I believe receiving an inappropriate image without consent, is also harassment. Your swollen gherkin isn’t going to make me land on my knees and beg you to be the father of my child. It’s going to make me turn on my heel and run in the opposite direction. Your photo is disrespectful and insulting to my eyes. Not even Supersavers can save me now!

Earlier this year I co-founded the app Huggle with several female friends because we were tired of this type of behaviour on social-networking apps. Think about it, how many times have you been asked, “Do you wanna fuck?”. Apps based on appearance and box ticking, seem to only fuel these type of messages. So we went out of our way to create an app which prevents rude behaviour. Huggle connects you to the people who go to the places you go; whether that’s your gym, favourite restaurant, university or even that gig you went to last week. It shows you everyone who you have places in common with and who we think you’ll get on with. 

So how does Huggle prevent dick pics? Well you’re less likely to receive an unwanted message from someone who you might bump into. You could see them at your local coffee shop next week and just imagine how awks that would be!?

In the meantime guys, if you want to send a girl a photo of your genitals, please ask her politely first. And good luck with finding a girl who kindly accepts your offer! I for one, do not ever want to see your fleshy flute, no matter what size it is.

7 thoughts on “I don’t want to see your penis!

  1. these blokes clearly only think with that part of their anatomy. it’s really quite sad. that their brains are located in such a small area. Thankfully we’re not all like this. That’d be weird world!


  2. Hey Stina. Im a 19 year old girl and i used to get this alot on Instagram and Twitter. It came out of the Blue and i even had people just openly asking me for nudes. Shocking.

    Since then i have deleted most of my social media. I only have snapchat now and only my friends can snap me so no random dick pics or being asked for nudes anymore!


  3. You touch upon a broader problem with the interwebs: why is behavior that would be inappropriate, boorish, or even criminal in real life somehow okay online? What kind of thought process leads you to think “I know, I’ll send her a schlong pic to break the ice” or “I’ll mock their appearance” or any of the rest of the obnoxious behavior I see online every day is a good idea? Have you no decency? No manners? I weep for the future.


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