This is why you can’t be friends with an ex.

Exes can’t be friends.

There. I’ve said it. *downs a bottle of tequila and stuffs ears with cotton wool*

Ok fine! I’m sure there are some cases, where exes have gotten on and everything is honky dory. They probably go on holiday with their current partner and ex, and laugh about all the good times they had together, whilst new bae sits and listens to their “in-jokes”. Yeah weird. I’m more likely to have a dinner date wth Kim Jong Un than this ever happen to me, but ya know, whatever floats your boat! 

Don’t get me wrong, I have known exes to get on. It’s a sign of maturity to be civil with your ex, but according to this recent study, it turns out that people who stay friends with their exes may be hiding a dark secret… 

Psychologists have found that if your ex wants to be friends with you, then they are likely to be a psychopath.

See Becky with the good hair is not innocent!

A total of 861 participants were questioned as to whether they were friends with their ex after their breakup and what their reasons were for remaining friendly. The participants were also asked to fill a questionnaire which determined their dark personality traits, which included; narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy. 

They found that when people scored highly for dark personality traits, they were more likely to admit that their reasons for wanting to stay friends with their ex, was for strategic benefits. So yes, Becky with the good hair isn’t here to watch the footie with your man. Her reasons are likeky to be motivated by money, attention, information, love or sex. 

Which totally explains why my bunny rabbit was boiled!!!!!!!

These findings have also offered some fascinating insights into human relationships, specifically when it comes to emotional turmoil. Psychologists have said that maintaining a relationship after a break-up is difficult (no surprise there!) especially as ulterior motives may be played. Experts have also noted that exes are less emotionally supportive, trusting and helpful when it comes to the other person’s happiness. 

Of course, this isn’t to say all exes are terrible humans and we should never speak to them again. However it is important to be aware of being used for someone’s personal gain, especially if the relationship didn’t end mutually. 

So maybe think again the next time your ex rings….

One thought

  1. The study confused me. So, did a bit of studying. Because I’m friends with a some of my female exes, male exes I have a different bond with, more of a tension, even though they can still be great friends, at a distance. Partly because there is always this tension, with women there is a friendship that can grow, without sexual tension. It’s quite normal for lesbians, or females who had sex with each other, to stay friends. It’s a women thing.

    With men, from what I’ve understood, there is more of a competition thing going, they have to be #1, and find it more difficult to share you with someone else. Same goes with sex, they like having multiple partners, but would find it difficult to share you with other partners. Whereas women, are more flexible and communicative. Communication being a key aspect.


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