Why can’t I sleep with hundreds of people?

I hate to break it to you but I’m not a virgin.  
I know, hard to believe right? Seriously though, I like sex. I’m not particularly good at it, but I like it.
I’ve had a fair bit of practice too. Maybe you’re sat here thinking, yeah me too. Or maybe (in your head) you’re labelling me as a slut, whore, and/or a tart. If you are thinking the latter, can I just say, no. 

No I am not any of those things. I am just a red blooded modern-day female. Please get over it! Or at least have a shag…
Come on, don’t act prude on me now. We all know society loves to label a promiscuous female with a horrid title. And we certainly all know that when it comes to the adventurous male, that the higher his sexual number, the more he is deemed a hero. 

And quite frankly, I’m sick of it! 

If you are a girl and you want to sleep with hundreds of people, then you bloody well can! DISCLAIMER: please use a condom

I’m serious. If you want to go out and have a one night stand, do it. If you want to date numerous of men just to experiment and have a laugh, then go for it! Don’t feel ashamed for telling your Facebook friends that you pulled a hottie and didn’t spew your cheesy chips on him last night! That’s a brilliant achievement! Ok, maybe don’t put it on Facebook. But as long as you’re safe, then how you live your sexual life is totally up to you and not for society to question.

On another note if you are waiting for the right person to come along or can’t be bothered to share a bed with a complete stranger or try and find yet another excuse not to do anal, then that’s brilliant too! 

You are your own person. Your sexual number doesn’t make you anything. Your number doesn’t label you a slut nor frigid. It’s just a number. 

Tell those slut-shamers to do one!

Funnily enough, my boyfriend and I just debated whether girls are still slut-shamed. He said he hasn’t heard anyone be criticised for their sexual number since the late 90’s (he’s old)! I simply replied, are you a woman?

If you’re not a woman, then you wouldn’t understand but I’ll tell you now, that even in this modern-day age there is still a double standard for us girls. Especially when it comes to sex. 

How do we stop this? I say just keep on humping. However if you are a girl wanting to make a change now, then please continue to support your fellow sisters for having fun. Discourage slut-shaming. At the end of the day, It’s down to us ladies to teach society what they can and can’t label us. 

3 thoughts

  1. In spain is so commun to hear this kinfd of conversation between friends: if a girl have sex with different boys, she is a bictch. If a boy have sex with different girls, ist a hero, normal…
    I hate it.


  2. slut shaming is bad, and sex is good, but the proclivity of people sexually must have some relevance. a high number of partners to me speaks to a person’s ability to have and maintain a relationship – which doesn’t matter as much when you only want to get it on. But for example, if a guy or gal is in her mid-twenties, and they have 60 or partners in roughly 10 years of sexual activity, that’s a red flag if you’re looking for anything other than quick fun. Because either they have never had a significant length relationship, which tells me they’re probably immature emotionally, or they have been in long term relationships, the even smaller period where they racked up their numbers makes me concerned about that person’s mindset and ability to make choices at that time. and yes, there’s a stigma for men if their numbers are high to…women think guys are nasty sluts too if they have been with lots of girls, and want to avoid being just another number, or worse, catching something.


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