Forgiving A Cheater Isn’t Always A Sign Of Weakness, It Can Be A Sign Of Strength 

It all makes sense now! Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z in the elevator and Mr & Mrs Carter didn’t go to Kimye’s wedding because Jay was cheating on Bey with Rachel Roy. *closes investigation folder shut*

Yes the world went cray this weekend when Beyoncé released her very angry album, Lemonade. Lyrics such as “You ain’t married to no average bitch boy…you can watch my fat ass twist to the next dick boy. And keep your money, I got my own.” have been blasting all over TIDAL.

So yes, the power couple we have all watched and loved for over a decade, finally revealed that they too have ups and downs in their relationship.
If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Bey’s slaying words, don’t worry, the album actually finishes on a positive note. The last song on the album she admits she can now move on and forgive Jay-Z despite all of his lies. Phew! A lovely, happy ever after!

Of course this has only left the Internet in a state of fury as to why Beyoncé would want to stay married to a cheater. Some people have even labelled her choice as a sign of weakness. 

Now hold up (Favourite song on the album by the way)!! Queen Bee is no wilting flower and I’m pretty certain she would have bollocked Jay-Z for months. We know her sister helped talk some sense into him, that’s for sure. And now that Beyoncé is opening up about her marriage issues and talking about her pain and anger, can only mean that she is one thing. And that’s strong.

Obviously, I do think it’s silly when people keep forgiving their partner who has lied and cheated on them numerous of times. But when a human makes a mistake for the first time – and let’s face it, that can happen. Surely there is room for forgiveness, especially if there is still love on both sides? If a couple can work through the insecurities and hurt then that to me, is a real power couple.

To forgive someone who has let you down, shows only pure-inner strength from your side. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! As long as your partner isn’t abusing or taking advantage of you, why shouldn’t you give them another chance? 

After all, forgiveness is the final act of love.  

If your partner has been disloyal and you’re wondering whether to forgive them. Follow these 5 steps by Tracey Cox, to tell if it’s worth forgiving a cheating partner.

1. Are they worth another chance?

Is your partner the love of your life, best friend or parent to your child? Do they promise they’ll change and have they given a good enough reason as to why they did the dirty? Is this the first time your partner has let you down? If the answer is yes to the majority of these questions, it might be worth forgiving your partner this time around. 

2. Give each other space

If you live together, ask your partner to move out for a few days. Not only does this show you mean business, the time apart will help you to analyse the situation and what outcome you truly want. Write a list of questions you need answers to. Rant, cry or get Solange to slap them in an elevator. 

3. Meet up

This isn’t a chance to say you forgive them. No, far from it. This is your time to have a quiet word or probably, emotional word with your partner. Ask your partner your questions and listen to their answers. This will be painful but the truth often does hurt. Are you confident that there’s still enough love to work with? If so, now is the chance to move back in or start seeing each other regularly again.

4. Build a new relationship

Remember that lying-cheating bastard? That was your old partner. You now need to build a new relationship with your changed partner. Trust will be missing for a long time and you will have to be patient with each other as you gain security again. You will fight, over and over again, and this is very normal. It’s part of the healing process. Reassurance is all you need and your partner needs to understand that. 

5. Be prepared to change
Your partner cheated for a reason. They seeked something from their bit on the side that they couldn’t get from you. Ask them what that was and understand that you too will need to change. A relationship works both ways! 

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