Talking Dirty 

I don’t know about you, but when I watch Porn (don’t act like you don’t), I’m a little tired of seeing male porn stars act out only  30 seconds worth of oral sex for their female co-star, for then the woman to return the favour by giving a 30 minute blowy.

Who am I kidding – this doesn’t just happen in porn! This seems to be every female’s struggle since the late eighties. The average male would rather receive oral than give.

To prove my theory, some highly-inquisitive person, recently went ahead and did a study on oral sex. No I’m not joking. The study found that straight men are receiving a LOT more oral sex than straight women. In fact, 63.3 % of men experienced oral compared with 43.6 % of women. What’s even weirder that despite the discrepancy men (apparently) said they enjoyed going down on women, whereas 28 % of women, didn’t like giving blow jobs. 

So my question here is why are women giving head when they don’t like it and why aren’t men getting stuck downstairs?

The researchers found that most women were not comfortable when men gave them oral unless they had just recently washed, due to feelings of insecurity about their “smell”. This actually got me thinking; how many times have I heard people compare the smell of a lady garden to fish, rather than roses? Quite a lot actually.

Us girls, live in a world full of scented pants, tampons, fem wipes and pressure to wax our bush until it represents a 7 year old girl’s. We’re taught from an early age that our vaginas are not perfect. Whereas men just crack on with their day, regardless of the fact their piece smells like Wotsits. Some even the same size as that cheesy crisp!

Not only are our mini-moos labelled as smelly, we’re also having to put up with the fact our thongs look like a Müller Light lid after a very long and sweaty day in the office. There’s pressure from all angles that our vaginas are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. The irony of it all is if you have discharge and that your vagina smells like a vagina, then it’s probably working. What isn’t working is us trying to hide what nature has given us, when we should be enjoying the gift of oral sex, which is quite frankly brilliant!

7 thoughts on “Talking Dirty 

  1. Haha interesting. I didn’t know that women cares a lot about the smell of their precious area and mine would smell like Wotsits. We should not hide what nature has given us!


  2. I actually enjoyed giving oral to the women I’ve been with (haven’t now for 26 years- long story) and have never expected anything in return. My focus has always been on the pleasure of my partner, and have had more than one compliment me on my oral skills. For “men” to not take the time and effort to be sure their partner is satisfied tells me they aren’t really men. The smell of sex (pherimones) are designed to ignite our brains to enhance the experience of the act. Smells are good!


  3. I love to oral pleasure women and don’t see why it’s not more common and bye love your posts about the real you I just discovered you a Mintues ago


  4. Ahah 🙈 so glad I’m not alone in this worry! It has never occurred to me that other women feel like that too! It’s an annoying standard, and as a result me and oral have a love hate relationship…


  5. Hilarious! Brilliant blog and frighteningly true. Heard about Stina from an article I read today about her Instagram posts. I read through several of her blog entries and have been really impressed! Feel like you’re a great voice for young women and really relatable. Love your work Stina can’t wait to see your next posts!


  6. I just love how real this post is. It’s also reassured me that I’m not the only one who thinks like this lol!


  7. I thought it was very interesting and informative to read this.
    I’m young and in discovering of the world of sex but my boyfriend loves to be down there.
    Never thought about the smell, but who cares? He don’t give me the time to think about it, he just goes for it.
    They (men) are the main reason for us not to feel great about our vaginas, so we just should stop thinking through their heads and start pursuing our own pleasure, better if you do it with “him”, but if not just f*cking do it alone it’s all right.
    Sorry for the long text and any misspelled words, I’m Portuguese so…
    It’s my first time reading your blog, and just had to say something.


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