Kim Kardashian got her rat out, So what? 

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that Kim Kardashian posted (yet again) another naked selfie on Monday.
Attention-seeking, powerful, anti-feminist, narcissistic or just plain confident. Kimmy uploaded the selfie with a playful caption and went about her day, like the rest of us normal people. It is normal to cash in $80 million on an average day right? 

Within a couple of hours, celebrities including the likes of Piers Morgan and Bette Midler, were tweeting their opinion on KK’s latest photo. Piers offered to buy her some clothes and Bette suggested that if Kim wanted to show off a new part of her body, she best swallow her camera. These were their opinions, which of course they are very much entitled to. However these opinions were based on a slut-shaming angle, which they tried to mask under the “Feminist blanket”. 

Regardless of what you may think of Kim Kardashian, publicly patronising a woman on how she behaves is no better than getting publicly naked, is it? 

None of the celebrities actually shed light on the fact Kim Kardashian is body positive. You may roll your eyes to that fact, but Kim is known for her curves and her love for her body. Kimmy’s selfie demonstrates to woman of all sizes, that no matter what your body shape is, it’s important to love yourself, and your selfie. Now I’m not saying, you should go and take a naked selfie and post it on your Facebook right away, however if you want to share how fabulous your body is, then yeah – go for it! 

Being proud of your body is a powerful statement but pointing fingers at Kim for being proud of her body, is not OK! 

Most of us have shared a bikini selfie that we were secretly pleased with, or a photo of us in a cute dress that showed off our legs or cleavage. Whether that makes some people label us as bad feminists or not, at least we are confident enough to say: this is my body and I’m in control of it. 

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to be a feminist, but there is a right or wrong way with how we criticise someone for their behaviour. Instead we should be celebrating women who want to share their self-love and feel liberated when they do so. Until the day comes when we start to shoot down men for their torso and underwear pics, I will be supporting Kim and her bathroom selfies. Plus I really like her interior design. Especially the marble tiles….keep them coming Kim! 


2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian got her rat out, So what? 

  1. Yes but i’m sick of seeing it. I admit be body confident but she’s supposed to be a role model, i don’t appreciate my ten year old daughter thinking its ok to take you clothes off and post the pictures online for everybody to see. She’s also supposed to be a mother now, her poor kids will be ridiculed when their older, think about that before celebrating her being naked, if it was just her then ok, but its not.


  2. what really gets me with these people. is when others say they’re supposed to be role models. who the fuck says? If someone. What exactly is wrong with the human form? We were born naked ffs but ya don’t hear anyone complaining about naked babies do ya! People need to get a grip on shit that actually matters instead of insignificant meaningless drivel. Don’t want to see Kim’s selfies don’t click on the link or follow her on social media. OR anyone else for that matter. It’s really that simple!!


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