Leap Year Schmeeap Year!

It’s official: I’m proposing to my boyfriend tomorrow!

I’m going to get down on one knee and propose that he puts the loo seat down after he’s been and that he stops driving in the same manner Lewis Hamilton might if he were on drugs. 

I’m not proposing to my boyfriend tomorrow because the idea of a Leap year is just stupid!

It’s not a day which empowers women. It’s just another day which implies that we’re not allowed to propose whenever we want. The Leap Year is a day that marks when a woman can propose. Well I’m sorry, but if I want to get engaged, I’ll propose whenever I damn like!

Tradition or not, the Leap Year day, is ridiculous. 

I’m sure, for the majority of women, the idea of proposing even on our selected “date” is a daunting and maybe embarassing prospect. However (to me) asking your Boyf to marry you is a powerful stance. The singer, Pink, and the actresses, Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson are a select few who proposed to their partners. Personally, I think that’s really cool.

Why wait for your man to make the decision, when you can just ask him yourself?

It makes sense for us ladies to propose. We’re organised and great at planning. Come on, we all know what our dress looks like. We have a Pinterest board of our wedding day for goodness sake! Well, I do….

For a woman to pop the question is not a weak move, it’s a strong one. It’s proving to society that we don’t listen to rules nor are we sitting around, waiting to be chosen. 

Your proposal date should be your choice and not when society tells you. Why conform to the rules? Especially on a day which proves inequality. 

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