The Shoes On My Feet…he didn’t buy me :(

From a young age, I had Miss Beyonce Knowles telling me and all my friends, that the only way to survive in this world, was to be an Independent Woman.

And perhaps that’s the very reason as to why I have just counted 7 of my female friends,  who are (successfully) self-employed and run their own business.

What might surprise you is this…

I can only count 4 male friends.

If you don’t believe me, then maybe this recent study will convince you:

Women aged 22-29 in full-time employment, out-earned men by 3% last year! Holy Moly! What’s even more interesting, is the surge in the number of self-employed women, which has risen to 16%, whereas the rise in men going out on their own, only rose to 2%.

So thanks Bey, maybe it was you who motivated us girls and boosted our confidence into believing that we can get exactly what we want. There is no stopping us ladies, if we want something and we can’t reach it, then we will find another way.

But what about men?

No, seriously. I’m seeing less and less ambitious men.

So many of my girlfriends are getting promotions or have dreams that they openly talk about, but when I look at their boyfriends, all I hear is “Yeah works alright”, or “It’s not what I want to do but it pays the bills”.

At uni, I didn’t care if my crush/boyfriend or whoever I was dating at the time, was getting 2:2’s. To me, as long as we were having a good time, then that was all that mattered. However entering the real world, and realising that if you are to get a pension of £30,000 a year, then you need to save at least £800 a month from the age of 25. FUCK! Excuse my French, but really, FUCK! Saving that much money, right now, for that little return is a scary thought. But what’s scarier is dating a guy who doesn’t work/save or who isn’t bothered by the future.

Of course, no one wants an ambitious partner who smothers them and lectures them about how great he is. Nor do we want a partner who sits on his XBOX everyday living at his parents! It needs to be equal. He needs to support you and vice-versa.

Ambition is something you cannot buy, nor is it something you can train yourself to want. It is within you. If both you and your partner have ambition, then I’m going to take a good guess and say that your future will be fine. It’s when one side of the team isn’t reaching for the stars, that you should probably ask your partner if you’re both on the same page.

If money and success isn’t important to you, then this blog will have been a waste of time. For those of you who are concerned with your careers, then I wish you luck in finding a partner who is just as ambitious as you. (You might have to look a bit further than Tinder!!!!)





One thought

  1. We should make sure though, that although sitting around and playing XBox is unacceptable, wanting to stay home with kids and cook and clean IS an acceptable choice. As long as you are contributing to a household in some way, it’s ok.


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