Eyebrow Shaming Is The Body Shaming

I’ve just over-plucked my eyebrow. 

No seriously. My left eyebrow is thick and has the perfect arch (favourite brow) and the other, looks like I’ve taken a lawn-mower to my face. 

My eyebrows are not twins, nor are they sisters. They now resemble distant relatives, perhaps second cousins!

I’m stressing about my new eyebrow.

This morning I’ve been pencilling it in and even toying with the idea of shaving it all off and starting again. It was whilst I was busy in the mirror, tweezing and drawing on “hairs”, that it suddenly dawned one me how ridiculous I was being. 

It’s just an eyebrow. Get over it! 

I then went on my Instagram and the first post I saw was a quote saying “eyebrows on fleek”. 

Cue: my bathroom melt down.

I’m not being dramatic. Well I am. But eyebrows have now become a symbol of status. If you have perfect eyebrows then you have your life together. Eyebrows have also become a weapon, which can be used to give you power and boost your confidence, or simply to torture someone.

“Yeah she might be pretty, but have you seen her eyebrows? They’re so bushy/drawn-on/terrible shape!”

If you want to insult the average female, just mention her eyebrows. Crazy I know but girl’s spend months growing their brows and hundreds of pounds trying to perfect their shape. 

Society has made the ridiculous rule that groomed eyebrows are a must! If you have thick brows, then you automatically move up the beauty hierarchy. If you pencil or have thin brows, then you move down. 

Whether you believe it or not, eyebrow   shaming happens all the time. It’s an insult that we can all get away with saying.

You can’t call someone fat or ugly because that makes you a bully; but you can criticise someone’s eyebrows. 

Perhaps some of us ladies do need to grow a thicker skin when it comes to insults about our brows but when should any insult be taken lightly? 

As far as I’m concerned, if anyone insults my imperfect eyebrow, they might as well criticise me for being too fat and ugly! 

No matter how big or small the critisim. Shaming is shaming. 

3 thoughts

  1. I was bullied for my big eyebrows all the way through school. This led to me pulling at them with my fingers cos I was so ashamed of them! And once I started pulling, I couldn’t stop. So I started pulling out hair on my head. This started around the age of 11. I’m 22 now and still pull my hair out. I have bald patches all over my head and tufts where it’s trying to grow back. It’s really shit. And all because some dick head nobjockeys at school didn’t like my eyebrows.


    1. Laura bless you. See your GP and ask to speak to a psychologist about it, see if you can get some CBT or another therapy to change the hair pulling behaviour. You can change, you dont always have to be affected by the events if your past, some people benefit from a little help xx


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