I Like To Take Coke…. With Ice Cubes In My Glass

I have a confession to make: I’ve never taken Coke. 

I know – shocking isn’t it!? A girl who worked in the modelling industry and then the PR world, never touched cocaine. How can this be? 

The only thing I’ve only ever stuck up my nose was my fingers and peas (when I was 3 years old, may I add)! 

I’m quite proud that I’ve not taken Coke, ecstasy, Ketamine or any other magical powder or liquid. I know that sounds really smug, but I seriously have no interest in getting high. That’s not to say I don’t dislike people who take recreational drugs, in fact I smoked a joint in Amsterdam only last year, so I do understand the hype. Let’s just not mention the fact that I was really ill and had anxiety attacks for a week after my first (and last) spliff!

A lot of my friends have taken or do drugs regularly, and that’s ok! I have no issue if anyone wants to do it. I just won’t be running to the nightclub toilets with you to snort some powder. For me, I can spend the night sipping vodka and Coke and be just as lively as those who have taken a line.

I don’t need drugs to have fun. Honestly, whilst on a holiday in Ibiza, I was nicknamed the Duracell Bunny, because I was the only one who didn’t touch anything, yet I was the first on the dance floor and the last to get off!  

People have told me I would be a nightmare if I was to ever take anything because I’m hyperactive 24/7. I always knew my ADHD would come in handy one day. 

From a young age my parents warned me that I would be offered drugs, but I never was. I’ve never been pressured to take drugs. Ever. If there was to be any social pressure, it would actually come from me. On a couple of occasions, people have felt awkward taking drugs when around me because I guess I come across as anti-fun. When that’s really not the case. I am fun. Please, I’m hysterical. I just don’t want to do drugs! 

Although I have been known to lecture my friends how drugs, including alcohol, is just a “fun” way to give yourself brain damage. I don’t actually judge anyone for what they do and I expect the same rules to apply to me too.

The truth is good friends won’t question why you’re not heading towards the bathroom with them and bad friends, well – they won’t even notice. 

Coke may be the only white line between me and those who take drugs, but as long as you’re a nice person and in control of what you’re doing; I have no problem if you want to sniff Coke. I personally don’t like snorting it because it’s either too fizzy or I usually get ice cubes up my nose! 😉

If you think you or your friend might have a problem, check the link below to talk to someone or get advice.


One thought

  1. Really got a lot from reading this Stina. If you’d like to turn some of your blogs into great looking video pieces, I’ll shoot them for free. That’s my profession. I saw you once in Hammersmith when I first moved to London and you retweeted me. Thank you.


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