Why Valentine’s Day Is Better When You’re Single

If you haven’t stepped out of your house in over a week, then you won’t be aware that Valentines Day is quickly dawning on all of us.

Every where you go: Roses, chocolates and heart-shaped cards are scattered all over the supermarket aisles and if that’s not bad enough, the pressure is on from your colleagues as to how you’re going to celebrate the day of “love”.

Let’s be honest with ourselves; Valentines Day is a day for shops to make money and for couples to spoil their loved one, which may I add – is what they should be doing every single day. Not just on one day, when every Tom, Dick and Harry is!

Despite the true reality of Valentines Day, The V word still makes singletons break out into a cold sweat, when in fact, they should be counting their lucky stars. Side note: not their red roses.

So if you’re single, here is why you should be grateful that you are alone on a very non-sincere day…..

You can save money.

Who wants to spend dollar that they don’t have on a ridiculous present, when you can spend it on yourself!? Spa day for one please.

Not having to pretend how “in love” you are.

There is nothing worse than going out for a meal and looking across at all the other (unhappy) couples eating their dinner, whilst they try not to argue. Yeah, staying at home, is the new “going out”.

An excuse to have a party with all your single friends.

Need there be any excuse?

Independent Woman

Valentines Day is yet another reminder why being single is great. You can sit in all day and watch Netflix, with your unshaved legs and not be judged! It’s just perfect really.

Zero Expectations

Could you imagine the horror if you were dating someone and didn’t receive any flowers, a card, or dinner? No expectations = no disappointments.

It’s a great time to find out if that cute guy is single…

“Are you doing anything this weekend? NO!? Oh you are single. What a coincidence.”


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