You Are Gorgeous. Deal With It!

It is well-known, that talented writers are good at spelling, punctuation and grammar. However the key skill that is often over-looked, is our ability to analyse human behaviour.

I’ve only lived 25 years, but during my short time on this earth, I’ve learnt that the majority of people (especially women), hate to be complimented. 

Don’t act like you’ve never said “Oh really?” or “No I don’t!” when someone has complimented you, because I know you have. I even have! 

There must have also been a time too, when you gave someone a compliment, perhaps about the cute outfit they were wearing, only to be responded with a lame reply, like:

“This old thing? Oh no, disgusting!” 

According to research, it has been found that 50% of us actually enjoy receiving compliments (is that shocking?) whereas the other half of us would rather not be observed. So is our fear of being complimented due to us being overly-cautious, as we don’t want to be perceived as “up ourselves”, or is it simply because some of us, genuinely don’t believe just how bloody gorgeous we are!?? 

Who knows!? 

But one thing is for sure, the majority of people that I’ve met, can’t deal with being complimented. 

Yesterday I was at the BBC radio 1 studios supporting the #BodyPositive campaign, and whilst during the live show, Radio 1 gave listeners the opportunity to call in and discuss their personal issues. It became clear that a lot of callers wanted advise on how to be self-confident and tips on how they could accept themselves for who they are. Due to the large panel, I didn’t get a chance to answer this question, which is why I’m saying my piece now (Ah the beauty of blogging!). My advise to anyone who needs tips on how to accept themselves for who they are, is to simply remember:

You can only be you!

It sounds obvious, because it is! And I know I always say it, but seriously, at the end of the day, no matter how much you want to change yourself – you will always be you.

Deal with it!

I guess all I’m trying to say, is stop being modest and stop doubting yourself. You are beautiful, for simply being YOU.

Inside and out. You are perfect. 

So the next time when someone highlights something about you in a positive way – OWN IT! Don’t hide away from it. Thank that person for taking the time to pay you a lovely comment. This shit doesn’t happen regularly, Seriously!

The world needs more positivity and we could all start by accepting the compliments that people give us. Followed closely by understanding that accepting ourselves can only come from within. No person’s words, plastic surgery or beauty product can make you feel better about yourself. 

Only YOU can do that. 

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