Why I Love My Imperfections

Hi, my name is Stina, and I’m a self-confessed mess.

If I’m not getting too drunk at a party and falling head over my shiny-heels, then I’m probably upsetting someone with my motor-mouth.

If I’m not plucking my eyebrows then I’m probably de-fuzzing my snail trail.

NEWS FLASH: I’m not perfect.

Far from it.

I’m forever making mistakes and annoying someone, somewhere in the world. But I have another confession to share with you.

I love being imperfect.

My imperfections make me who I am. I have an eye smaller than the other, but I wouldn’t change that feature for the world, because it’s my quirk. It’s my face. I often speak before thinking. Which can sometimes make me look like a total arse, or sometimes, I can come out with a genius remark. Or at least I like to think so(!!)

All of my imperfections make me, ME. No one else in the world is me and no one in the world is you. How amazing is that?

Our imperfections make us who we are. They make us perfect.

So why is it we’re not celebrating our imperfections or mistakes on a regular basis?

If you think about it – you never read people’s Facebook statuses describing the rubbish side of life. You never read things like, ‘I had a crap night last night at the club’ or ‘I just got fired from my job’. We’re most likely to read, ‘Great night last night’ or ‘I just got promoted!’.

Let’s be honest people, who are you kidding with your perfect life?!

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have something mentally or physically wrong with you. You’d be robotic. You’d actually be really weird if you were perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes catch myself in the mirror and think ‘Yeah I would love 6 foot long legs and a torso made of steel.’ But that’s not me. It’ll never be me. And the people who I do know that have been blessed with those genes; they still have to count calories and work hard to look that good. Absolutely no one is perfect.

So if you’re coming to the end of January and have failed at your resolution already, because let’s be honest, you’re not perfect. Or maybe you’re forever criticising or comparing yourself to someone else. May I suggest that you give yourself a break and love you for who you are. You have qualities, someone in the world would love to have; and that’s pretty special.

Love yourself – warts N all.

Unless you have genital warts, then I’d really get that sorted!!!!



One thought on “Why I Love My Imperfections

  1. 😍😘💕

    Thank you for this post, Stina. Life is more beautiful when we see and accept our own imperfections.. It helps us to understand each other. Amazing post 😉


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