The Real Reason Why Your Boyfriend Cheated.

I’m probably not going to win many friends here but as we all know, I’m always honest. Too honest.

So let’s begin with two simple questions:

Have you ever been cheated on or perhaps have the feeling that you are being cheated on?

If the answer is “yes I’ve been cheated on” I’ll get back to you in a sec…

If your answer is “you have a feeling” that your partner is unfaithful, then I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

You’re probably right. He probably is being unfaithful!

Unless you’re a paranoid bunny boiler, your gut is always right! Listen to it. Never ignore what your gut is telling you. I say “gut” but it’s not actually your gut that is giving you these signals, it’s your brain picking up on the tell-tell signs that your partner is giving you subconsciously.

In a nutshell if you feel he’s not reliable then trust me on this; run a mile!

Now don’t get me wrong. People cheat and couples have been known to stay together and survived the infidelity that occurred. But I’m in no doubt that a lot of hurt and questions would have been picked to the very core. I can guarantee, that any couple who has stayed together, even in despite of infidelity, would have gone through a lot to get to the other side.

If you have just recently discovered that you’re at the tail-end of a cheating scum bag, then you need to ask yourself this question:


Here’s the answer that you want to hear:

He’s a love rat and is obviously mentally ill to have ever strayed.

But here’s my honest answer:

He’s not in to you. He doesn’t want you. Because if he did want you, he wouldn’t have strayed.

Ouch. Sorry I know that hurts. But that is the truth! If he wanted to be with you his eyes would have never wandered. Now that’s not to say you’re not a magnificent human, because you obviously are. It’s just you guys aren’t compatible and that’s ok! He’s done you a huge favour – you can go find someone who is your match. How wonderful!!!

I know I seem very blasé, especially when discussing heart break and over something that is quite possibly one of the worst things to happen to any of us. But I promise you that in two years (probably less time than that) you will see that the lying scum bag and his lover did you a fantastic favour.

With regards to the lover – as much as you want to rip her (or his?) eyes out, the best thing to do, is to feel sorry for her. She has to put up with him now. And no one enjoys knowing that this potential liar could also hurt them too.

Great foundations for the perfect relationship hey? I think not.

So if you’re in the situation of what do I do? Do I stay or do I go? You know exactly what you should do. Do exactly what he did to you and go.

Always remember that time is precious and there is no point in wasting it with someone who doesn’t want to spend it with you.

Go find someone who does treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Because they are out there waiting for you!!!

2 thoughts

  1. I’ve never cheated, never will. Never be in another relationship probably. Not looking not interested. I have enough problems dealing with myself, without adding “love” to the mix.


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