Why Success Is The best Revenge

We can all remember the last time someone tried to pee on our sparkle.

And unfortunately it’s a fact of life that some people, just enjoy tearing other people down.

It’s easy to feel upset about what someone has said to you and it can be so easy to lash back at the person who tries to hurt you. I’m definitely guilty of doing this. In fact, just recently I had someone give me some “home truths” and I couldn’t help but dish mine back. Do I regret it? A little. I regret lowering myself to that person’s level.

We all make mistakes but it is always worth remembering to look at the bigger picture.

Negativity is often a reflection on how that person feels about themselves. People lash out because it’s their ego they are protecting. It’s their defence mechanism. They may be jealous of you or have it in for you, and that’s why they want to bring you negativity.

Think about it – Happy people don’t go around upsetting other people just for the sake of it. That’s what unhappy people do.

There is actually no better advise that I can give you, than to ignore the people who want to chip away at you. That’s not to say, don’t stand up for yourself,  but sometimes the best choice you can make is to walk away and leave the unhappy people in their own mess.

It can be difficult to hold your tongue, especially when someone gives you a piece of their mind. But it is alway important to remember this:

The best revenge is living your dreams.

I’d bet you all the money in the world that the people who are dissing you are not living their dreams. They are still stuck in a 9 to 5 job, which has no longevity or prospect. They go home every day and dream of doing what they wish they could, but they don’t. They sit in their little bubble feeling angry at the world, whilst you continue to hustle and chase your dreams.

Those who insult you or knock on your door just to bring you down a peg-or-two, are doing it because they don’t like what you’re doing. They don’t think you deserve to be happy – because they’re not happy. It is as simply as that.

Believe me, there is nothing better than doing what you love, and watching their bitter faces change to an expression a bulldog would make whilst chewing on a wasp!

Watch as the thought hits them: They could have had what you have if  only they had spent more time believing in themselves and less time and energy trying to break you.

Revenge isn’t about hurting or telling people what you think of them. Revenge is living the life that you want and being content with what you have. That’s the best revenge.

Jealous individuals can spit venom at you all they like, but words mean nothing when that someone is only walking and you’re running. Just don’t forget to flash them a smile when you do pass them and leave them in your dust.

Because success really is the best revenge.


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