Dear Facebook Imposter….

Dear Catfish,

I hope that you are well and enjoying life? Or shall I say, my life?

I first discovered your (or my?) Facebook page about six years ago. A friend told me that you had faked my account, only that you weren’t being nasty and ridiculing me, you were actually living a second life through my own.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.14.53

You have created a new identity by using my images.

In your world, or Christina’s, (as you have named me) I am a singer and I am currently engaged. The joke is I can’t sing for the life-of-me and the man I am currently engaged to, is actually an ex boyfriend, who I dated four years ago.

I know this doesn’t concern you, as you’re already living a lie and creating a world that isn’t your own – let alone mine. You just want to use my images and make a story….

There have been times when I’ve felt angry with you for creating my second life, but if I am honest, I feel sad for you. In fact, I feel sadness more than I do anger. I do find it weird that you use photos of my family and friends, and write statuses that could potentially cause harm. I do find it strange that you find my life interesting, when it really isn’t.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.18.37

I think one of the low points of your second life, my life, was three years ago when I was shopping on Oxford Street and a strange man approached me and was absolutely ecstatic to “finally” meet me.

“Hey Christina!?”

A lot of people get my name wrong, so I entertained it. All the while I was thinking to myself who is this guy? He knows all about my recent holidays? The penny dropped when I realised it was actually one of your cyber “friends”, who you had connected with, whilst pretending to be me. For two years, you had chatted to him every single day with the promise that you would meet with him. So finally, when he saw what he thought was you, only that it was me (God, this really is confusing!) the whole scenario became rather scary. Luckily for me, the man wasn’t a bad person, and although he was mortified, he thankfully was very understanding when I showed him my ID and real social media page.

“Christina is a fake version of me.” I told him.

Having to prove to someone that I wasn’t you, when in actual fact, I was me, was rather peculiar.

But the situation took a turn for the worst, when a year later you found out my best friend’s home address. You sent your cyber “friends” to a fake house party that we were apparently hosting. They had travelled miles, in hope that they were meeting you. But instead they got me; the very angry and real version of me.

Despite the police being informed about your obsession, you have continued to fake my life and some of my friends lives. Every day you scan my social media page for a new photo, so that you can claim is yours. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 17.15.39

Despite making my social media accounts private, you still found a way to get an image. 

I often wonder when there will be a day that you actually do stop. I guess it’ll be the day I stop using social media or when my life becomes boring to you. Who knows?

In the nicest way possible, I do think that you should get help. You may think that what you’re doing is OK and just a bit of fun. But you’re actually playing with a person here. A real person.

I hope that one day you will feel that you no longer need to live a fake life and can confidently live your own. If I had one piece of advise to give to you, it would be to just be yourself. If you can make friends online by pretending to be me – I can promise you that you can make friends by being you.

I’m sure you are lovely person – so why hide it behind a fake account?

Anyway, I wish you well and I hope sooner, rather than later, you can sort things out.


The real Stina Sanders x

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