Why Aren’t You Living Your Dream?

I woke up in a rather strange mood today. I’m not sure what’s gotten in to me, but I guess over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of time to think….

Here were my thoughts this morning:

  • What should I have for breakfast?
  • Shall I run 10 or 13 miles?
  • How can I make my dreams come true and become a millionaire?

The last thought, was the one that stayed with me right until this minute, when I decided to write about it.

I’m talking about dreams.

Whilst in my mid-morning pondering mood, I messaged my girlfriends on our WhatsApp group. I wanted to hear all about their dreams. It’s funny, because for all the years I’ve known them, I actually had no idea what their real passions were, or what they dream about when their mind starts to wander. I sound like a bad friend, but talking about people’s personal dreams, always seems to feel like a touchy subject. It’s almost as if asking them out-right: So, if you werent such a failure, what else would you be doing with your life?

But I had to know.

What would my friends really want to do with their life, if money was no object?

  • Sophie: I want to own a beauty salon.
  • Ellen: I want to be a fashion blogger.
  • Pip: I want to run my own cafe.
  • Hev: I want to work as a nurse, specialising in tropical medicine.

I then asked them this question: Why aren’t you doing that right now?

Excuses flew in: “I haven’t got enough capital to start”, “I’m not an expert”, “It will be hard work”

But then, after a few seconds it was if a lid had been placed over these excuses.

  • Sophie: Actually why can’t I ask for funding?
  • Ellen: I do love to write. Maybe I should try it.
  • Pip: I could start off small then expand.
  • Hev: I’m going to uni to build up my expertise.

It may just be baby steps towards achieving these dreams, but without thinking, planning would never fall in to place. And without planning, doing would never come into action.

Without dreams, you have nothing.

The beauty of dreams, is that everyone has at least one. You may be an inspiring actress, builder, chocolatier or a yoga teacher. Whatever it is that you fantasise, we all have some idea of what we want from life.

But my big question for today, is why are so many people not pursuing their dreams?

I’m sure money is the biggest issue as to why people don’t push for their dreams to come true. I guess a wise person wouldn’t want to quit their secure job, with the possibility that everything might go down the drain.

If money is no object, then what else is stopping you from doing what you love? What do you have to lose? Sure, the fear of failure may cross your mind. But we can’t all be successful or perfect when we do things for the first time. So why worry about it? If you never try something, then how do you know it won’t work? As long as you’re not putting yourself or anyone else in danger, then why aren’t you grabbing the bull by the horns and doing it?

Living your dream shouldn’t be about the money. Passion has to come first and the money last. If you don’t believe that, then maybe you are not as passionate about your dream, as you think you are.

Talking of passion – last week, one of my friends, said that she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. She has many dreams, but not passions. We sat for a while, talking about her life experience and her skills, and then I asked her:

What did you love doing as a child?

She looked at me as if I had just landed. Why did this have any relevance? But it did! When I was younger, I loved nothing more but to write and tell stories. Whilst other children, my age, were out playing with their toys, I was gathering a crowd around me just so I could tell them my latest story.  There isn’t really any wonder why I ended up in PR/blogging – my life is all about writing and creating ideas.

My friend looked at me and for a second, I thought that I could see the fire in her eyes roar.

– I loved to bake!

The next day, she called me to say that she had booked a baking class. She then went on to tell me that she is starting up her own blog, in hope that she will build enough traffic, so that one day she can launch her own cook book.

If you look carefully you can see that your passion is everywhere. You may not notice it at first, or you may have forgotten about it. But it will always be there, burning within you. Ready for you to take the next step towards living your dream.

So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start living!

One thought

  1. Hi, I love your blog its so interesting, interesting interests me. Sadly I don’t have any dreams, passion or ambitions! I just live day to day, thanks to my mum, I’m alive in the first place, and I’ve reached this far 28, I am mentally stronger than anyone else in my family, it’s so hard to continue to fight when I so want to just give up. But I could never do that to my mum or any of my family. As a child I loved to hang out with people, until i met the dark side of humans, 12 years old i was diagnosed with Depression. the bullying pushed it to the surface, i have a feeling its always been bubbling away just beneath though, sad really, 28 years and i don’t believe I’ve enjoyed much of it. life is made a lot more easier and beautiful knowing there are people like you, and my mum in the world, beautiful, caring understanding people. So thanks for being who you are, one question, how do you find positivity? Have a good day x


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