Why Quitting Your Job To Travel Is The Best Thing You Can Do.

From an early age we are made to go to school. As much as we despise going it’s a part of life that teaches us to prepare for our careers and how to behave in the workplace. 

You go to school, college, university, get married, have kids and then you die. That’s what society has written down for us. But I don’t like following rules…..

In our parents generation, unless they were total hippies, they didn’t believe in travelling. You left school and you went to work, because that’s how you should live. Why would you travel? It stops your career from building and is a waste of money. 

Thankfully, today is our day, and we are fortunate and flexible enough to get up and leave. We don’t see travel as the negative label our parents once saw it as. Travel is when we can go and see the world and experience things that you would never see, taste or feel in your usual four-walls. 

Despite the benefits of travelling, it is so easy for people to remain in their comfort zone. Terrified of the challenge to break away from your 25 days of holiday your generous employer gives you. It’s nice to know that you’ll get your pay check at the end of the month and any thoughts of wanderlust you quickly hide under the reality of your daily routine. But I promise you, that will be the death of you. 

No one finds the boffin who worked all their life and never explored what this world has to offer us interesting. Thanks to Drake for reminding us that You only live once! You are so very right young man. We really do.

I don’t want to be the 65 year old who never meditated in Thailand, who hasn’t swam with dolphins in Hawaii and who didn’t ski down slopes in Colorado. I simply refuse to live that life.

I want to educate the mind by not only reading books, but from seeing extraordinary scenes and meeting incredible people.  This could never be taught in a class room nor from years of sitting at a desk.

If you’ve considered or are considering travelling, then here are 6 reasons why quitting your job to travel is the best thing you can do right now:

This is the only time in your life when you should travel.

In a few years time, you’ll have a spouse and probably pregnant with your first child. You will be tied to your job to pay off your dreaded mortgage. Before suffocating yourself with responsibility that you’ll have for most of your life; Travel now.

Educate your mind

Staying in the same place and with the same people will keep your mind closed to opportunities and lessons of life. Open your mind. The greatest experience you’ll ever have in life is being taught something by someone who has an alternative worldview. 

Taking risks keeps you driven

A great entrepreneur takes risks. Travelling can be challenging especially when you’re faced with the risk of not having much money, come the end of your trip. But you have to make it happen. 

Travelling will improve your career

An employer will find your CV great if you stayed working in the same job for 5 years but I’m sure an employer will find it even more impressive if your CV shows that you worked hard before/whilst travelling. Whether that’s volunteering at charities, starting your own business, or working in a shoe shop abroad to make ends meet. That shows your employer that you are motivated. To travel you need money. And to get money you need to work. If your employer doesn’t know the dedication behind that, then that job will not be for you.

Stories are simply memories told

Not only do I want to be the Grandma who blurts out something inappropriate during Christmas dinner, I also want to be able to tell my children and their children, the things that I have seen. You’ll never remember the night you stayed up late working to a deadline, but you will remember the night you stayed up late watching the moon turn to sunrise.

Appreciate what you have

You can only truly appreciate what you have when you see people that are less fortunate than you. I went to Zanzibar last year and the poverty there was really sad. Children were hungry and families would walk for miles just to get a clean bucket of water. But they were happy because they were alive and with their family. It made me appreciate what I have back at home. Now I hardly moan about what I don’t have because what I do have is a blessing others could only wish for.

So, what are you waiting for? Go bloody book a trip away! 

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