🌍Globe Trotting: Abu Dhabi 

I’m currently writing this on my sun lounger, underneath the blazing heat, 38 degrees to be precise and with a strawberry milkshake in hand (hard core – I know!) 

It’s our third trip to the UAE this year and I have to say it’s one of my favourite places to have an all-rounded experience of sun, food, parties, shopping and incredible service. 

We checked in at the Rosewood hotel which is rather special….      

 Our bedroom over-looks the sea and for each and every guest you have your very own, personal butler. Which on one hand, I find hilarious and on the other I find slightly awkward. My inner Tourettes is desperate to call him ‘Jeeves’ but thankfully I haven’t stooped that low yet. Although he did ask if there was anything he could get us when we arrived yesterday. Exhausted from the flight I casually asked for a burger and a glass of verve, like I was asking for a glass of tap water. #classy  

The room has nice little touches too. For example we can control everything from our iPad. Which may not sound that amazing to the tech nerds out there, but we can actually control the butler and change his voice, like you would on a Sat-Nav! I’m joking. It controls the lights, curtains and air conditioning.


 Today we’re just chilling by the pool and deciding on where to eat tonight and if it’s worth doing a desert tour. It’s a hard life isn’t it?!


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