In Defence Of Dating An Older Man…

Since I can remember I’ve always fancied the older man.

When I say older – I’m not talking Grandad old. I normally date men who are 10-15 years older than me, however that still generates responses such as ‘Oh is that because you’re a Gold Digger?’ and ‘You obviously have Daddy issues’. Whatever is right or wrong with me, I can genuinely say I don’t know why I prefer the “older man”. I just do, I always have and I probably always will.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing wrong with young guys. I have dated someone my age and a guy who was several years older than me, but these boys never matched the men I have since dated.

Dating an older man is like drinking a fine wine – honestly they do get better with age!

But seriously why on earth would I want to be with a man who can’t look after himself and who still runs to his mum for advice and to wash his socks? Older men not only look after you financially and emotionally, they are also ambitious and know where they’re going.

There’s no games when you date an older man. I don’t think I’ve ever waited for someone to text me back because men have always taken control of the situation and just called me (straight away). Usually with a confident statement like: ‘Get dressed we’re going for dinner’.  Nice and simple.

Older men have their fucking shit together that’s for sure!

I’m not saying that every guy in my age group is not capable of this, but from my experience I have never been fulfilled from dating someone younger. I actually think it’s more me than them. My life experience definitely speaks volumes – I became self-employed at 14 and so I had to grow up quickly, purely because I was always around adults. Having said that, I’ve always enjoyed adult company since I can remember. I was always close to my mum and her friends, so it’s always been natural for me to converse with grown-ups.

The nice thing about getting older myself, is that my friends are starting to realise that dating older men is less stressful and actually way more fun. So if you’re thinking about taking the leap from the cradle to the King Size Bed, here’s some Pro’s for dating an older man:

Chivalry isn’t dead.

I’m all for equality but there’s something romantic about having a guy who opens doors for me, pays the food bill without splitting it and is just lovely and kind. It seems boys these days don’t really get how to be romantic. I love it when a guy moves himself closer to the road when we’re walking on the pavement, just in case I fall. It’s the simple things after all! 

Wise Old Owl

Need advice? Your old man is probably a wise old owl too. It’s likely the guy you’re dating has experienced things you haven’t, so it’s always nice to have someone you can go to for advice. And when I say experience I also mean the bedroom. Yes goodbye hot-wired puppy and hello Great Dane.

He’s Passionate

He’s been there – done that! He knows what he wants and he’s going to get it. His ambition can only drive your hunger and in my eyes that’s a good thing. He’s found himself and that’s hot.

He’s serious

When an older man dates, he dates for the long-run not for the fun!

2 thoughts on “In Defence Of Dating An Older Man…

  1. I could not agree more. My Husband is 20 years older than me and he treats me with respect and provides me with love and support. No games or misunderstanding’s. I could not be happier being with a real man x


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