How To Deal With An Ambitious Partner.

Understand that you aren’t their only priority.

Of course you are a top priority to them but unfortunately when the smell of blood wafts past their nose and they start to wear their work-blinkers, it’s hard to gain their full attention. Never take this personally. The minute you accept that your partner will (at times) prioritise their to-do list, the less resentment you will have in your relationship.

Set a date.

Date nights,snuggling up on the sofa or planning a trip away – you need to ‘book’ this in with your ambitious bae. (Can’t believe I just wrote bae!) That way your partner can finish shipping off their products, their blog posts or presentations without feeling angst that you’re waiting for them. Perfectionists do not like rushing their work, as when this happens, mistakes happen. And no one wants to see ambitious boo frustrated over attention to detail.

By setting aside time will help you both to dedicate your all to one another. Just remember to turn your phones off!

Share a hobby together.

Whether it’s running, playing tennis or chess once a week – whatever gets your hearts racing will increase your bond. Remember the two of you are a team.

Teach, never lecture.

The best partnerships are the ones in which you can both learn from each other. If you feel like someone is pushing or judging you, then this is simply not going to help you to grow as a pair.

Always be supportive in public.

Unfortunately the more successful your partner becomes the more haters he or she will gain. Never put your partner down and never allow anyone to criticise them in front of you. This is simply disrespectful to both you and your partner. Of course there will be times when disagreements happen but talk about this in your own home – within your four walls. You need to be a continuous cheerleader throughout your relationship, even if people can’t see your pom-poms!

Just listen.

Sometimes your partner will need to bounce ideas off you or rant about their shitty day. Let them. Even if it depresses you or even bores you. Let them talk. Again don’t take anything personally; sometimes an ambitious person needs to express their thoughts to make sense of the situation they’re in. The best thing you can do is just listen and occasionally offer solutions (if invited to).

Hug the Porcupine. 

Ambitious people are often highly sensitive and sometimes just need a hug. Always remember that they need you, as much as you need them.

Dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend, who puts up with my shit erryday!! x

One thought

  1. Negativity or ambivalence — If you can’t see anything good about being in a relationship with your over-achieving wife or your less-ambitious husband, then start scrambling now to find the good.


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