Sudocrem secrets

You probably know of this skin care cream for nappy rash and burns but what you probably don’t know is that this soothing cream is actually magic! 

Less than £3 a tub, Sudocrem is a firm favourite with the likes of Cheryl Cole and other glamorous celebrities. 

For nearly a century Sudocrem has been used by families all across the world. But not for just for nappies! In fact Sudocrem is a well kept secret in the beauty world…

It treats spots….

Acne? A pimple? Or just a lot of black heads? Sudocrem is fantastic at drawing out toxins and healing acne. Apply a pea sized amount over the aggravated area at night and when you wake up in the morning wash off the hardened cream and voila your spot will have reduced in size and colour!

It’s great for in-growing hairs and shaving rash…..

In the same way as you treat your spots, apply Sudocrem evenly over your rash and wait for an hour or over-night for your skin to calm down. 

It’s great for dry skin…

Eczema? Psioris? Dry lips? Apply Sudocrem during the day, every hour over the dry area. This stuff will help to moisturise, protect and nourish the skin. 

Sunburn/cuts and grazes….

Any serious skin issues and open wounds, Sudocrem is fantastic at healing these fast.  It’s antiseptic ingredients also means less chance of an infection once applied to the area.

Can be used as a primer…

Sudocrem absorbs oil and helps to even and smooth out your complexion. Apply a thin layer to create a barrier for your foundation to sit on. 

Personally I only use Sudocrem on my eczema and on my spots (if I break-out) over night, due to the thick consistency of the cream. It’s best to do let the cream sink in over night to get the best results. 

I’d love to hear your beauty secrets or how you use Sudocrem! ❤️

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