What I wish I could tell my teenage self…

Dear Stina,

I’m going to list the things that I know you need to hear. You still like bullet points so I’ve deliberately listed these notes that way. See nothing’s changed – you’re still an organised freak! Knowing you, you’ll probably ignore my advice but I’m sure you’ll take some things into consideration (Here’s hoping!).

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff…

Everything will work out OK in the end. Putting pressure on yourself to achieve your dreams will only make you a ball of anxious mess. Keep pushing for what you want and continue to not take second best. You’ll be alright!

  • Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Your stubbornness and drive does actually come in your favour more than you will even know right now. People, including family and friends, will try and sway you from doing the things you want to do because they’re worried that you will fail and hurt yourself. But as you already know, who cares if you fail? – at least you tried. Well done for not listening to anyones opinion because you graduated from university with a 2:1, you modelled for huge brands and now you’re doing what you’ve always loved to do – write. Keep it up! Believing in yourself, really is one of your best traits. 

  • Exercise for the love of god girl!

At 16 you thought eating an apple a day and climbing a flight of stairs would do wonders for your fitness. You’re so wrong! You now run marathons, but my god you’d be running them a lot quicker if only you had paid attention to your health in your younger years. Eat well and start running before you’re 18 – you actually really enjoy exercise. 

  • Ignore trends 

You learnt this pretty quickly but you did occasionally fall in the trap to be “on trend”. Embrace being different. Just because you prefer listening to Fleetwood Mac than Blazin’ Squad – doesn’t mean you’re not cool! 

  • You’re always going to be flat chested.

Despite the patronising girls in the gym changing rooms telling you that one day your boobs will grow. I hate to break it to you; they never did! Ok you’re a 32C now, you’ve done alright, but stop getting inspired by Katie Price’s chest. Love your body for what it is because it will always be yours! 

  • The boy you thought you could never live without….

…Guess what! You’re still alive.

  • Don’t get tempted by drugs!

Stick to your vodka and coke and don’t worry about not being a gurning mess. You’re not missing much! You can still do Ibiza all-nighters and actually remember the whole holiday. You’re not a wuss despite what your teenage peers might say.

  • Don’t cake your make-up on.

Please don’t pencil your eyebrows and for the love of God get rid of your fake nails. Don’t get me started on your hair extensions and please burn all your fake tan lotions and potions! Embrace the natural look. I promise you, this is better.

  • Don’t listen to Drake’s Take Care album after midnight…

You’ll discover things in your mind you never knew were there.

  • Let it go. 

People come and go, your parents will split up and the unthinkable does happen. Try to handle everything with grace even if you want to tear eyes out. Forgiving and letting go of pain is the key to keeping happy.

  • Follow your gut.

Your instinct is always spot on. Never doubt yourself. You are always right (on this one anyway!)!

  • Your ADHD will get better…

…But you’ll still be hyper and have no filter, even in your 20s. And yes you still daydream!

  • What ever happens…

Keep being you. You may win some and you may lose many, but the mistakes that you make in your life will not matter to your friends or family. 

Love me 


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