How to fake bronzed pins

Hopefully you will have already gone on holiday this summer but in case you haven’t – have no fear! 

The fabulous team at the Body Shop sent me their latest products to help get our pins looking summer pretty:



VIRGIN MOJITO – Body Sorbet  

This gorgeous body wash is so moisturising due to its lime and mint ingredients. It smells delicious – reminds me of being on holiday! It’s a shame you can’t drink this despite its name being Virgin Mojito.

Whilst in the shower I wet my skin and with my body wash I apply Pink Himalayan  Salt to my skin. To be honest any salt or sugar is fine – I just like using pink salt because it’s healthier to eat and that’s all I have in my kitchen 🙂   

I scrub the salt and wash all over my body and  exfoliate my skin for about 5 minutes. I pay special attention to my legs and bum – They need all the help they can get LOL!

Venus OLAY blade  

Using my favourite razor blade I shave my legs using this fabulous product. Venus & Olay razors have moisturiser in the blade which not only prevents you from cutting yourself it also moisturises your legs as you shave.



After shaving my pins I then moisturise using my coconut body butter. This product smells delicious and is one of the best body moisturisers I’ve ever used. Unlike most moisturisers this product actually sinks in to the skin. After moisturising I just normally go about my day. But not today I had to try the next bad boy…

HONEY BRONZE – Tinted Leg Mist


I’m not a huge fan of fake tan although if you had asked me five years ago what my blood type was I would have probably said St Tropez.

Honey Bronze is a spray which is fantastic to apply especially on the legs. I’d advise to put this on in the shower as the tan comes out quite fast. Once you spray use your hand (make sure you wash afterwards) or a tanning not to run it in. Don’t expect a full tan coverage but do expect a natural glow. This bronzing must is perfect if you just want a nice glow. It dried very quickly and lasted on my legs all day. Definitely worth investing if you’re not a huge fan of fake tanning.

How to slim legs

Stay away from sugar, caffeine, alcohol and carbs. These create water retention and cellulite especially to your leg and bum area. 

Excercise at least an hour a day. Yoga, swimming, weight training and running are the best forms of fitness to get skin legs.

Try my food plans at to give you an idea on how to fuel your body properly and lose weight!

Thank you to the Body Shop! Xx

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