So we’ve just spent 5 days in Istanbul which I can now say is one of my top 5 favourite cities! If you’ve not been – then you should really look to go! The weather, the food, the culture, the people, the shopping – literally everything is amazing!

Where we stayed…

 Soho House, Istanbul

This beautiful house is set in the restored 19th century Palazzo Corpi in the Beyoğlu district. The Club has five floors for all-day eating, drinking and meeting. There’s a rooftop cocktail pool and bar with views of the Golden Horn, games room, the Mandolin Terrace serving Aegean cuisine and the late-night Embassy Club.

 We were jammy toads as we got an upgrade from the medium plus bedroom to the messanine room with two bathrooms and a lounge. We liked the room so much we actually stayed in and had room service on the second night (how sad!)
          The first day….

On the day of arrival we headed straight to the rooftop pool and had a Bloody Mary to ease the stress of travelling. That’s a total excuse by the way!         

 The second day…

We woke up early and went to the gym ergh! 

Don’t worry we also did the tourist bits and visited the Grand Bazaar – which was crazy! So much fur. It was great fun! I learnt that I am terrible at bartering too. 

The third day…

We wandered the streets of Istanbul and then randomly decided to charter a boat along the Bosphorus. It was amazing and one of the most romantic things I’ve ever done. It was incredible to see the European and Asian side of Istanbul.    

 What we ate….

We went to plenty of local restaurants to get the vibe for the city. Most of the time I lived off Watermelon and feta salad and Turkish tea. On our last night we ate at Ceconnis which was delicious! 

What I wore….

Quiz Clothing sent me a fun swimsuit which I wore on the second day. I don’t usually wear swimsuits because of the awkward tan lines you can get. But this is a backless swim suit so I made sure I only tanned my back that day LOL

I’ve never really worn French Connection bikinis but I fell in love with this electric blue style (which is now in the sale). I love bikinis that have unique designs. I credit ASOS for their wide variety of styles – which is exactly where I found this bikini!  

I’m not keen on high waisted bikinis but I bought this wacky set from Sainsburys! It’s actually super cute. I have to say supermarkets are picking up their fashion now and trying to compete with the bad boys. It’s great to see. Fashion shouldnt be expensive!  

On the first night out I wore this gorgeous Millie Mackintosh dress which I actually bought in the sale. It’s a lovely floral dress which clings to your waist giving you a cute doll-like figure.


I wore this cute floaty maxi dress when exploring Istanbul. It cuts off at the ankles and is very casual so perfect to wear in the day. I bought this from ASOS. My favourite online shop!  
For the final night I wore this gorgeous dress by the Italian designer Blendshe. I bought this from Tonic Clothing on Fulham Road, London.  

 We had an amazing time in Istanbul and are planning to come back soon! It was surprisingly cheap – one of our 10 course dinners cost £30 in total! And that was in one of the top restaurants to eat in Istanbul. I’m really going to miss this city – but we’re looking forward to going back to reality and back home to London to see our little Mouse.


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