This morning I went to Strip Wax Bar, on Fulham Road to see what all the hype is about….

At a pricey £52 for a Hollywood wax I had to experience this. Was this wax bar for silly women (and men) buying into the branding or was my pubic hair going to be stunned by the results? As soon as I arrived at Strip I was offered a glass of champers, which is always a nice touch especially when you’re faced with the idea of shortly being in pain. Once my beautician was ready, she asked me to sign my life a way (consultation forms) and led me up a short flight of stairs to a room which I can say resembled the type of rooms you see in the Red light District. In the middle of the room was the waxing bed and opposite that a TV to I imagine ‘relax you’ whilst having your noo attended to.     

Ive had IPL (hair removal) and have a constant Brazilian strip left, but as I’m going on holiday tomorrow I fancied it all off! Take that beast down! The very sweet lady asked me to remove all of my bottom half and ‘freshen up’ with the wipes that were placed on the bed. She left the room and I faffed around for a few moments until she returned.   

To say the experience was intimate would be understated – so don’t go if you’re a little shy! As I spread my legs for the lady waxing me, I waited as she applied hot wax to my private area. As the wax hardened she then used her fingers to gently remove the hair. It didn’t really hurt and I was only led on the bed for no more than 10 minutes and she was done. I couldn’t believe how quick she was! We also had a nice chat about leg shaving. She gave me a little tip too:

When shaving legs in the shower, step out from under the water and get your legs cold. Once goosebumps have appeared return to shaving your legs for a smoother result. This is because the hair follicles push the final hair strand out of the skin and therefore your shaven legs will last longer than normal. Fabulous!

Overall I have to say I was very impressed with my Hollywood wax at strip. I still think £52 is pricey for what they offer but I guess that is part of the branding. 

Strip also do laser hair removal and permanent make-up. Inside the shop they sell gorgeous lingerie and swim wear from brands like Heidi Klum and Stella McCartney. 

If you want a quick result then I’d definitely recommend Strip. However if you’d rather not bend on all fours and would rather a cheaper service, then this probably isn’t the place for you!

Happy waxing x

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