Holiday prep!

I am so excited to being going to Istanbul this Sunday. 

I’m just currently prepping myself for my hols and thought I’d share with you what products I’m using to get beach ready…..   

Elemis – devils mint BODY SCRUB This fab body scrub from Elemis is great for exfoliating and leaving my skin feeling silky smooth.  It smells so strongly of mint that it leaves my bathroom smelling fresh even after hours of using it! I use it everywhere including my feet as from running I often get hard skin on my heels. This stuff really does this trick! 

SWEET EASE – bikini wax strips These strips from SWEETEASE are easy to use and messy free! They smell yummy too and don’t aggravate my skin like some wax strips that I’ve used.  
GLAM GLOW – Youthmud and thirstymud I love GLAM GLOW! I especially love using these two together. The YOUTHMUD is quite literally green mud that you apply to your face. You wait for 5 minutes until it’s hard and then simply was off. The mud has tiny grains in it which lightly exfoliates your face. After the face scrub I then use THIRSTYMUD, which is a moisturiser that you leave on the face for 20 minutes. Once the time is up I then wash it off and the results are remarkable. My skin looks hydrated and glows. Definitely worth using these bad boys at least once a week!
Jo Malone

 I love all of Jo Malone’s products especially her candles! This hand and body lotion smells fresh and delicious. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. What I love about Jo Malone products is that there are so many unique flavours to choose from. I always feel like I’m doing a sniff test when looking at the products! 

MAVALA  I am in love with MAVALA nail polish! Especially this SUGAR BERRY colour. I’ve applied this to my nails as I think it’s very suitable for a hot city break. The polish doesn’t chip and I swear it actually strengthens my nails as they’ve got longer since wearing their polishes. 

That’s me done for now. I’m not as high maintenance as what everybody thinks 😉 

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