FOGO (Fear Of Going Out)

Don’t get me wrong – I love nothing more than going out with my friends. The idea of letting my hair down, having one-too many and dancing like a loon is something I enjoy probably a little bit too much. However recently I’ve noticed that I’ve started to turn down invitations to ‘paint the town red’.

I know I shouldn’t be admitting this at 24, because at this age I should apparently be going out and getting ‘off my face’ most weekends. The truth is, I would just rather stay in.

I know it sounds boring, especially when I live in a buzzing city like London. There seems to be this unsaid pressure for young people to go out every weekend. But why? Unless I’m in the mood to go out, I’d much rather crawl back to my sofa and watch Netflix, eat lots of snacks, and chill with my French Bulldog puppy. Is that so wrong? I feel that there are a lot of people my age who would be disgusted with me to admit this. Obviously I do love a night out once in a while, but the thought of going out to a nightclub just because, is something I find not very entertaining.

At university, I loved nothing more than to go out and party every day. I embraced the clubbing scene – I would dance on tables, plank on my friends, pole dance at bus stops and batter my eyelids until some poor sod bought me a drink. Yes it was fun. A uni night out always guaranteed the same people, the same banter and the same venue. I enjoyed going out every night, even if I did push my body to its alcohol limits and helped Dominos Pizza make a profit.

Now I’m nearly three years out of university I can’t think of anything worse than to go out clubbing for no reason. Unless I’m with a large group of friends and we have a plan and I’m in a good mood – then I LOVE a night out! But why is it that so many young people have this fear of missing out (FOMO). It’s as if the thought of staying in for one weekend will ruin any chance of meeting their future husband. I don’t think so ladies! 

The only thing you will have missed was having your feet stomped on by New Look heels, eating a dodgy kebab and the never ending question of is this unlicensed minicab a ‘rape service’?

I know I sound very grumpy and old but I’d much rather go and see live music, eat out at a nice restaurant, or go to a bar with my girlfriends and gossip over cocktails! There is so much more that I could do with my Saturday nights than drown myself in wine to numb the pain of how shit the night clubbing scene is.

The best nights I’ve had out have always been the most random nights – one night involved dancing at the Belfry Golf Club in Birmingham with my friends until 5am and another good night was sitting under the stars in a hot tub with all of my friends after a BBQ. None of these involved having to scream over loud music whilst pretending to enjoy dancing to Jason Derulo.

If I leave it for a few weeks I enjoy going out so much more. I’m not a boring person – only boring people get bored and you’ll usually find them out most weekends looking for something to fill the void. I’m happy to be on my own, because quite frankly if I can’t face being in my own company – then who else will?

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