The mane attraction

  I thought I’d share with you my favourite hair products that I pretty much use daily.

Starting with my shampoo and conditioner …


SHU UEMURA is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. There’s nothing better! It smells amazing and leaves my thick and untameable hair glossy and frizz-free with added volume. What’s not to like? 

Once a week I’ll use the SHU UEMURA treatment which I leave on for 20 minutes in between washes. The treatment is amazing at keeping split ends sealed and for leaving my hair feeling super soft. 

After shampooing and conditioning. I gently towel dry my hair and then use a 50p sized amount of Paul Mitchell super sculpt.

  This stuff is fantastic for drying your hair fast. If you have a thick mane like mine I promise you – you’ll thank me later! The agents in the glaze work to add body and shine. Definitely worth it!
Once I’ve rubbed that through my hair with my fingers I then use another 50p size amount of Moroccan Oil.

I’ve used Moroccan Oil for years – even before the hype kicked off! It’s my hair saviour. This stuff is God in a bottle. If you haven’t heard of it or even used Moroccan Oil, then you must have been living under a rock!!!

I try to leave my hair to dry naturally most days. But usually i end up looking like a cross between Diana Ross and Shakira! So I usually blow-dry my hair straight if I have to go out and face the world.

I always use my trusty tangle teaser to brush my locks. Most brushes either hurt to use as they pull or they break my hair, however the tangle teaser just brushes through effortlessly. 


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