Date night 🌺

“I’ve booked us in for a massage and tickets to see Jurassic World.”

Love it when he comes up with wacky ideas like this for a Friday night!

Boyfriend = πŸ’Ž

So first stop we went here for a Thai massage and a Dermalogica steam facial. 

 Thai Boutique Spa 
The massage was amazing but because it was Thai I had to ask her to be a bit more gentle. I’m feeling slightly delicate with a hangover and my period today! She listened straight away and within seconds of her light strokes (sounds rude) I was fast asleep!   

After my hour full body massage I had a Dermalogica steam facial which basically involves steam blown in my face for 40 minutes. Steam is a great way to get all your pores open and to bring any under-the-skin spots to the surface. The lady had a good squeeze of the black heads on my nose. Which I hate to admit I really enjoyed! πŸ™‚


The face below is the face that looks pretty sh*t but is too relaxed to care!!


After our massage we went to see Jurassic World which I was a tad excited about! As a kid I was a tom boy and loved dinosaurs. I felt like my inner child was released tonight. The movie storyline is slightly ridiculous but we actually really enjoyed it! 

Despite eating a huge dinner I still found room for a large coke and a bag of sweet popcorn. Meanwhile Chris drinks water…. 

A splendid date night and now a relaxing evening with Mr Mouse (who wouldn’t sit still for a photo) xx

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