This is what does my head in


Photo credit: Simon Powell

1. My first and surname
My name is Stina not Christina. It’s Danish. Although it’s a great ice breaker, it’s the story of my life trying to explain to everyone that it’s not short for anything! Pronounce it Stee-nah. My surname is also something a lot of people struggle with. It’s not SaUnders, nor is it sandURS. So many pronounce it as sand like on the beach. But it’s actually Sanders. Pronounced Sahnd-ers. Glad we got that covered!

2. When people don’t smile 

Bitch do you know how many muscles I just wasted to smile at you and you didn’t even acknowledge me. Huge pet hate of mine. I can’t be dealing with grumpy looking people!

3. Why red velvet cake can’t be calorie free and part of my 5 a day?!


4. Smokers. 

You look gross and dirty. Take your pong and cough away from my personal space.

5. Fiat 500s 

Although I’m grateful that this was my first car in 2006. I can’t stand the cringe-mobil now. It’s everywhere!  Every tom, dick N Harry has one!

6. Wedding dances 

I get its “your” song but believe me we’re all dying inside whilst watching you. No matter how tasteful you think you’re doing it. You’re really not.

7. Over-sharing on Facebook.

Whether you’re bragging or crying your heart out over your Facebook status – I literally don’t care. In fact I find you rather weird. If you feel sad – go call a friend or childline. If you really are the “luckiest girl in the world” that’s great. Why don’t you go to Africa and help those that aren’t so lucky?! 

Can you tell I’m hormonal? 

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