Yoga in the sunshine ☀️

This morning I had a beautiful yoga session in the sunshine. 

Rebecca, founder of Aloha Yoga, came to where I am currently staying to do a one-on-one yoga session.

Rebecca is a fantastic teacher and holds classes in and around Somerset. She knows her stuff, from her travels and studying yoga in Bali and Hawaii. Hence the name Aloha Yoga.

Before today, i had never attempted a head stand, but Rebecca was quick to get me up in that pose. I felt totally safe in her company. She gave me the confidence to practise on my own this afternoon, which I have never even attempted to do before!

She is a beautiful person inside and out and not only did she teach me new poses, she also educated me about the history of yoga. She is fascinating to listen to.

Check out her Facebook page:

We started the session with a breathing exercise which then slowly lead into fast pace movements involving downward dog, warrior and floating moon pose.


We then did half a dozen of stretches, such as swan pose, splits and forward bend. I feel totally like jelly now! 



  We finished the session in this beautiful weather with 10 minutes of relaxation. It was so wonderful to do yoga outside in this weather. 

I highly recommend you do a yoga class with Rebecca – even if you are beginner! She makes yoga fun and understands that everyone’s body is different. Rebecca’s classes work towards making sure everyone’s yoga practise perfect.

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